AMA Consultants Corporation was founded in 1971 with the belief that the always-evolving microelectronics industry had a need for an independent, unbiased inspection service that could benefit designers, installers, and end users alike. It was in these early days of cutting-edge technology that we became familiar with ultra-high purity concepts, cleanroom protocols, and critical process systems. Fast forward to 2002 – under new ownership, AMA began to expand into other industries including pharmaceutical, biotechnology, commercial power generation, and aerospace. Headquartered in Metro Atlanta, Georgia, we are a growing business and proud to offer inspection and training services to clients worldwide.

Cleanroom Performance Testing

We perform a range of industry standard examinations. Our technicians have experience performing certification examinations and cleanliness monitoring in a wide array of cleanroom environments.

Process Piping Inspections

We utilize a wide variety of precision test instruments to examine or monitor your critical process systems.

Quality Control Inspection and Quality Control Services

We’ll provide qualified and experienced technicians to support your project full-time, and to oversee activities daily.

ASNT Training & Certification Services

Contact us to discuss your specific training needs. Our ASNT Level III instructors and experienced Level II staff offer tailored training courses.

Nondestructive Testing & Inspection

We have trained and certified Level II and ASNT Level III technicians on staff, and they’re experienced in performing leak testing (LT), direct and remote visual inspections (VT), and liquid penetrant examinations (PT) for your project or service.