Our Story

AMA Consultants was founded in 1971 with the core foundation of providing Quality Control and Consulting to meet the Ultra High Purity requirements for Micro Electronics and Fiber Optics Industries. Since then, AMA expanded our services in the 1990s to meet the needs of the industry demands for leak testing and analytical services. In 2002, AMA was purchased by Walter and Connie Yauch, they implemented new strategies to serve more customers worldwide, this included cleanroom certifications and ASNT Level III certifications by implementing written practices for Leak Testing and Visual Inspections. With the skyrocketing demand for companies to develop comprehensive ways of testing cleanrooms, AMA was on the forefront of this.

Our strategy has always been to service the clients needs and demands to make their processes as streamline as possible. AMA has recently obtained NEBB Cleanroom Performance Testing Certification and hopes to deliver a quality service in every facet of what we do to better assist our clients in providing the highest quality product and service that is unmatched by our competitors.

NEBB Cleanroom Performance Testing