Celebrating 15 Years of Service

We’re celebrating the 15 year anniversary of Zach Yauch working for AMA Consultants this year!  Zach joined AMA in 2006 and has an extensive background in pharmaceutical and semiconductor high purity process systems testing and validation, cleanroom performance testing, and nuclear fuel canister manufacturing, testing and QA. With SNT Certifications in leak testing and visual inspections and over 15,000 hours of experience, Zach has managed all facets of QA and QC programs including wafer fabs, biopharmaceutical processing, BPE box testing, and fabrication of large scale nuclear spent fuel campaigns (during production and use). Zach has experience in other testing methods as well including dye penetrant, magnetic particle, and ultrasonic testing.

Zach has grown into managing the day-to-day operations of the professional and technical staff and  is currently seeking his LT and VT level III with ASNT. Join us in congratulating Zach on this anniversary and to his great contribution to AMA!

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