Celebrating 15 Years of Service

Kyle Limoge joined AMA in 2005 and has a wealth of experience in process and specialty-gas piping quality control, with a focus on the biopharmaceutical and semiconductor industries. He is regularly tasked with managing third-party and subcontracted inspection efforts on large-scale, ground-up projects. Kyle is a NEBB CPT Certified Professional (License #CP-24271); he holds an ASNT Level III in LT & VT Method (#214842). While for many, years of service are annual repetitions; for Kyle, he has continually advanced his technical knowledge with additional certifications, and built on previous experience with more challenging and broader roles.  Kyle maintains an up-to-date, practical knowledge of all NDE methods, particulate monitoring, and trace analytics, and is well-versed in a wide array of relevant industry standards and code, including ASME, AWS, ISO, USP and IEST.

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