Cleanroom Performance Testing and Standards Compliance Consultation

Is your team looking to determine the operating efficiency of a cleanroom or controlled environment? Do you need to ensure compliance with client or industry cleanliness standards? Planning a green-build, or to renovate or update an existing facility?

AMA is a NEBB-certified Cleanroom Performance Testing firm, proudly employing a core team of NEBB-certified technicians and professionals. We have a long and successful history of providing cleanroom performance qualification testing and consultation services to clients in a wide variety of industries — including medical device and pharmaceutical manufacturing; aerospace and defense; semiconductor and microelectronics; and renewable energy, to name a few.

We integrate seamlessly with facilities management, engineering, and quality teams in formulating custom-tailored test plans and results reporting forms to best comply with ever-changing industry standards and demanding end-user requirements. We have also developed strong relationships over the years with a number of mechanical contractors and engineering firms experienced in cleanroom design and fabrication, allowing us to draw from a deep well of expertise when providing consultation to our clients.

Our team of experienced, certified, and highly knowledgeable professionals are well-versed in ISO, GMP, PIC/S, USP and other published standards related to cleanroom operation and performance, and are equipped to provide you with consistent, top tier testing and consultation support.

Our training and quality programs meet or exceed NEBB standards, and are frequently reviewed and updated as cleanroom technology and testing methodologies evolve.  

Let us help you optimize your clean room performance. AMA Consultants is a division of FST Technical Services.    

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