Digitizing Test and Inspection Information

AMA Consultants is continually seeking to innovate, approaching each client and project with open minds to deliver our services in ways that provide additional value.  Specifications and regulations are always followed rigorously to ensure compliant QA/QC programs, however organizational structure, means and methods, communication and coordination could contain opportunities to make a measurable difference in cost and schedule.

A good example is a recent bio-pharma project in the southeastern USA. The sheer scale of the project challenged standard staffing, coordination and documentation approaches to support the validation process.  AMA Consultants saw an opportunity to move data and communication process and collection from a paper-based system to digital.  In collaboration with the owner, AMA developed and distributed customized software based on Excel and Access. We used it to merge, organize and categorize published engineering document databases and site quality walkdown punch-listing with various mechanical contractor progress trackers. It was used by site management in issues-tracking, and to best facilitate timely and successful substantial completion efforts.

In the client’s words, it was an ‘ice breaker’ for further maturing electronic validation, benefitting the local site and the rest of the company globally. Our efforts and success were also recognized in a leading pharmaceutical industry magazine.

Could this approach work for your project?  If not this, let’s work together to develop another unique approach that saves your project cost and schedule.

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