Early Coordination, The Key to Your Turnover Package

Are you having issues with your Turnover Package at the end of the project?  Early involvement of your 3rd Party QA/QC is the key to a successful handover to the owner. 

AMA Consultants is well versed in completing complicated and comprehensive jobs all over the world. We recently completed a polysilicon manufacturing facility for the photovoltaic industry that involved comprehensive weld inspections, material inspection and quarantine, documentation and turnover package preparation, and welder qualifications and certifications. AMA’s scope of work also included testing for particles, moisture and oxygen content as well as helium leak testing.  

We worked closely with the general contractor and subcontractors to develop and implement a comprehensive quality program. We were successful in building a diverse team that included contractors from Germany, Ireland, Spain and the U.K working closely with local union labor and contractors. Throughout the project, AMA was able to balance the labor and inspection aspects for these contractors and deliver an on-time, high-quality installation that our client demanded.

With AMA being involved early with the project team, we were able to prepare for coordination and logistic issues as well as begin preparation for the Turnover Package enabling a smooth transition of the facility from the contractor to the owner.

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