Are you getting value from your program?

AMA specializes in the customization of QA/QC testing and inspections of high purity systems, enabling advanced manufacturing. We go beyond the basic services, we develop solutions in order to create:

  1. Opportunities for Our Partners
  2. Cost and Schedule Benefits for Our Clients
  3. Certainty in Final Quality for Efficient and Predictable Operations 

A recent example is a project for a biotech company’s major new production facility. First, we developed a training program for the local union welders and mechanical contractors to improve their quality and prepare them to work on BPE and GMP piping systems (partner opportunities).

Next, we focused traditional QA/QC efforts to coordinate the turnover package development to support the GMP validation process, which expedited the schedule (benefits for our client). 

Finally, the combination of the welder training and the turnover package improved weld inspection results (reducing rework and associated labor, materials and time). The end-to-end solution proved to be less expensive and yielded a high final quality of the installed systems for our client’s long-term operation .

Whether your business relies on high purity piping systems to make products, or your business is installing these systems, we want to help you succeed!

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