Looking for safe alternatives for radiography testing?

AMA Consultants recently completed a large pharmaceutical project with a major manufacturer in North America.  AMA was selected for weld testing and certification for all process lines.  We worked closely with the mechanical contractor and immediately began looking for ways to provide a safer workplace while also offering methods for Value Engineering. 

The Owner‘s specification required all welds to be tested and verified and called for radiography testing as the certification method.  Radiography testing presents a number of challenges including employee safety,  weld shielding, and work-place interruption.  The safety issues are significant when dealing with radiation and the costs and effect on the schedule are tremendous.  AMA successfully worked with the contractor to provide the Owner with a safe and cost-effective alternative means of weld testing.

AMA Consultants offered Ultrasound Testing (UT) for weld verification.  UT is an accepted method of determining weld quality.  UT is able to detect subsurface flaws and provide material characterization and is highly accurate in detecting discontinuities caused by the welding process.  Our NDT Certified Inspector is able to identify stringers, porosity, fusion/penetration as well as many other defects in the base material as well as the heat affected zone.

AMA Consultants was able to offer a completely safe weld verification alternative that provided significant cost savings and provided a safer workplace environment on this major pharmaceutical project.

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