NEBB Certification – Cleanroom Performance Testing

With the recent spread of the COVID-19 virus, cleanroom containment and negative pressure environments are playing a key role in safely caring for the sick as well as keeping medical professionals and health care providers safe.

COVID-19 is transferred through respitory droplets in the air and a properly designed, constructed, and  certified negative pressure environments will not allow aerosols and droplets to enter the contained space. 

Cleanrooms can be designed with a number of structural configurations including hard wall, soft wall as well as modular units.   Depending on the environment and the specific need all configurations can aid in containment of airborne pathogens and other contaminants.

The NEBB Cleanroom Performance Certification program requires that AMA Consultants have a Designated Certified Professional (DCP) that has extensive experience in field observations as well as hands-on testing.  The DCP has passed stringent testing requirements regarding the operation of cleanrooms and negative pressure environments and is knowledgeable regarding NEBB Standards for performance  It is also required that the DCP provide a number of industry letters of endorsement from key professionals involved with cleanrooms.

AMA has the equipment and personnel to provide your company with NEBB Certified testing and is ready to do our part to battle the COVID-19 disease.

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