Role of 3rd Party Inspection Companies

The technological advancements for the high-tech industry over the last 30 years have been astounding and we have seen growth not experienced by other industries.  The semiconductor and bio-pharmaceutical advancement in technology have presented challenges, not just technical, but logistics and installation.  Material and installation inspection requirements have become more stringent as specifications and tolerances have become tighter.  Third party inspections have played a key role in ensuring a quality installation as designed.

First Party inspection involves manufacturing self-assessing quality and adherence to their specifications.  Second Party inspections are typically handled by the buyer’s in-house quality team.  Third Party inspections are hired by the owner or the buyer to independently verify and validate the manufacturing process.

Third Party inspector are typically involved early in the process and can aid in developing manufacturing and material specifications in coordination with the Owner.  A Third Party inspector is able to work as a Consultant with the Owner to provide the following services:

  • Source Manufacturing Inspections
  • Pre-Delivery Material Inspections
  • On-site material inspections and quarantines
  • Contractor Installation Procedures
  • Documentation and Traceability
  • Independent & Impartial Consultant

As we continue to see the advancements in technology, the role of third-party inspectors will continue to grow.  Third Party inspectors are certified, trained and experienced and have the latest advancements in testing equipment to ensure your project is installed correctly, efficiently and on-time.

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